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New Crescent International Travels Limited is an establishment in the aviation industry that majors in Hajj and Umrah exercise/ operations to meet the need of her customers and bring about good innovations in Hajj and Umrah operations. At New Crescent international Travels limited, we work together as one team to meet the desires of our customers notwithstanding the wide range of choice they enjoy in order to earn their lasting trust.
We create diverse career opportunities for our talented and caring employees who are empowered to do whatever it takes to exceed our customer's total satisfaction thereby providing an equitable return on investment by achieving a strong and consistent financial performance.

New Crescent International Travels Limited provides other services such as Flight Ticketing and reservations, Hotel booking, Airport protocols and General visa processing. Customers are also welcomed for professional visa consultations.

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New Crescent International Travels has worked on a wide range of Hajj and Umrah services in line with the guide of the Ministry of Hajj, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Nigeria National Hajj Commission. It has overtime implemented total commitment to the unique value of a worldwide acclaimed high quality hajj and umrah services. With an adorable hospitality and human strength to satisfy our hujaj. We have the professionalism and the experience to ensure that your umrah and hajj are performed in accordance with the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him). We have the resources to provide you with utmost tranquility during your stay in the holy cities in Makkah & Medinah.

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